Family 1st Fitness is a new family run business set up in Preston, Lancashire, by dad of 2 Jonathan Fletcher:

As a daddy, husband and sport development professional, potentially going through an early mid-life crisis, I’ve decided to set up my own business and solve the world’s problems through family friendly activities!

I’ve decided to give this a go as ever since I became a dad my activity levels have plummeted and from nowhere I’ve developed quite an impressive dad bod. I’ve blamed this on work/my kids/Brexit but the reality is I’ve struggled to balance work/social/family life. I felt guilty working long days and then leaving the kids again to go and have a game of footy or go to the gym and then before I knew it I stopped going completely. I’m sure there’s other parents in the same boat so I’ve decided to do something about it and utilise my background in sport development to create a programme of activity that will allow me and the kids to get active and healthy together through play.

Each session will be based on storytelling (another skilled I’ve honed as a dad) and the physical activities will be an extension of the story, requiring the children and parents to work together in order to succeed at tasks. All activities can be tailored to suit the needs of your family, so it doesn’t matter how fit or physically active you are. The hope is that by playing on the imagination of children they will be lost in the adventure and unaware they are even exercising. Parents will know of course, but working together to achieve a task and seeing the enjoyment on their children’s faces will allow them to lose themselves in the moment too. The emphasis will be on creating an environment that allows children to get creative through physical play, and parents will be encouraged to join them for the ride. You’re never too old to play!